Too many list posts simply end, abruptly, with the final item. Although these templates are a good starting point, know that they won’t work for every eventuality. For example, in the article above, I make a point to explain what is a XML sitemap before I started the how-to process. A few weeks after publishing a massive blog post about SpaceX, Elon Musk’s rocket company, Tim Urban, the author of the post, sent an email out to his blog subscribers giving them access to an audio version of the post, and a PDF version they could purchase for $3. 4. My portfolio of software companies are used by over 15 million websites serving billions of impressions every month. I’m sure a lot of startups will benefit from this. Here’s an example from our list of ways to get more views on YouTube: A step-by-step guide runs through a series of chronological steps to achieve an end goal. #1: Making it clear how to actually get the product. You know your title has to hook readers. For example, in a list of weight loss tips, “5. Just know that search intent isn’t always clear cut. Recommended reading: How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag (Our 4‑Step Process). I am an entrepreneur turned investor. A round-up post brings together experts in your niche to share their thoughts on a particular question or topic. Don’t be afraid to mix things up where necessary. Here’s my conclusion and call to action from that post: These are just some of the top business mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make. I'm usually right 6 out of 10 times. See 16 ridiculously simple ways to get more email subscribers in which Kevin Duncan uses “Here’s how to do it” below each tip. Put it in the introduction and conclusion at the very least, and if you’re using an image of the product, use that as a link too. This is simple: Write your email like a typical how-to blog post. Ecommerce Email Overview. So while there isn’t a 1–2 punch formula, you need to make sure that it does four things: Here’s an example from our beginner’s guide to hreflang tags: Think about the questions a beginner might have about the topic, and answer them. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for the handy advice on blogposts. This is what we did for the “How to get started with affiliate marketing” section in our guide: If you’re not sure what questions a beginner might want to know the answer to, look at Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) boxes or find popular questions using Ahrefs’ free Keyword Generator. If your post is about weight loss tips, don’t call it “13 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight.”. 2. You need to write emails that get opened, clicked and remembered—every single time.. Every blog post is different, but most aren’t that different. What are the Costs? A simple sentence or a small conclusion is fine plus a call to action. Usually, these will be numbered, but they don’t have to be. Video email template Marketing Extraordinaire. Don’t overthink this. List posts, also known as listicles, are lists of tips, tools, techniques, myths, mistakes—anything that makes sense as a list. My Disclosure Policy Round-up posts can also be used for links to great blog posts – perhaps with some thoughts from you about each post, and/or a quote from the post. Now, for the reason you’re probably reading this in the first place, here are 7 great opt-in email examples. In other words, anything that doesn’t need to be in a specific order. Ideally, you should consider a double opt-in email as a sort of filter to help you maintain only the readers that show true interest in your content. It may seem obvious, but a welcome email should come from an actual person. When writing a how-to post, be careful with…. List posts are easy to plan and structure, and your readers find them valuable even if only a couple of points apply to them. You land on their site; They push you to sign up via an email to get an immediate discount (that you are encouraged to use in 60 minutes or less –– GENIUS) Then you get an immediate welcome email (with an additional ad on the side). You can extend this logic to your sender name as well to make things even more personal -- our welcome email comes from "Pamela, HubSpot Blog," for instance. 17 Blogging Tips For Beginners (That Actually Work), 13 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic, 86 Blog Post Ideas (With Successful Examples), 10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore, our list of ways to get more views on YouTube, How to Get on the First Page of Google [Interactive Guide], How to Do YouTube Keyword Research in 3 Easy Steps, How to Write a Blog Post in 9 Steps (That People Actually Want to Read), How to Create SEO-Friendly URLs (Step-by-Step), What are SERPs? For example, take a look at our guide to writing a blog post: Each of these steps has to be done in order. Eat spicy foods.”. 7. Well having written and edited thousands of blog posts, here are some tips and resources that will help you structure a perfect blog post. Be Short and Direct. Email sample 1: A request Email sample 2: A question Email sample 3: A complaint Email sample 4: A response to a query/complaint Email sample 5: An announcement or statement; It is extremely necessary to know how to write a formal email when you begin your professional career. Most people skim list posts. But as always when blog writing, the goal isn’t just to write a great blog post, the goal is to write a better blog post than anything else published online before. You can go even further with a structure like this and add in extra subheadings. How to Get More Backlinks, How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets, Duplicate Content: The Complete Guide for Beginners, our beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. The best example of a cold email. This is a variation on the list post, and not only an easy way to structure a post but also an easy way to come up with some great content. Learn how to add jump links in this post. #2: Adding a call to action. In fact, without a powerful end to your post, all the work … This will entice folks to read each point. Every blog post has four key elements: 1. The start of your blog post matters. Instead, end with something that briefly sums up the post. Here are four great types of strongly structured posts to try out today: Example: Ten Biggest Business Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid (Syed Balkhi). Why is WordPress Free? This type of post doesn’t normally follow a list format, but it still has a structure. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. It is helpful and straightforward. No need to overthink this. This method seems to be especially useful for list posts with a compelling and descriptive title. This post provides some interesting tips. Typically, a review or recommendation post begins by introducing and briefly explaining the product or service and ends with a verdict on whether or not it’s a good purchase. Use the

heading level for each one. If you were writing a post about this topic, it would probably make sense to use the expanded definition format. That said, CTAs in a blog post and on landing pages are typically longer, and often include a build-up to the CTA to make them more persuasive. For bloggers, this is good news. A recommendation may be more straightforward – and often shorter. If the whole point of reviewing/recommending is so you can use an affiliate link, include the link in key places in your post (otherwise people may just Google the name of the product) rather than just having it once. Just don’t force these if it feels unnatural. Just summarize the key learnings from the post, link to further resources on the topic, and you’re done. It might make sense to recommend five or ten products or services in a single list post whereas with a review, it’s harder to do this (though you could compare two or three competing products). They don’t have to scroll … Here’s an example from Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media (who also has a good blog post on how to increase email open rates): The email comes from a person. Travel and hospitality. Privacy Policy In this post, we’ll cover four blog post templates to help you write great content faster, and when to use them. Here is an example of what such an email looks like: Example of new employee announcement email Catherine introduces Ann to all the staff of Mediquick, mentioning she will be the new addition to the customer service team. Manage Workflows and Team Communication If you have a team of content creators you work with, you can easily manage workflows with reusable project checklists called Task Templates and communicate with Discussion Threads. Figure out why you’re being outranked, Step 4. Contact. There are lots of ways to do this, but one we often use is the PSP formula. Doing this may help us to win the snippet, rank higher, and get more traffic. If you want to get it right, try one of these 10 clever ways to open your next blog post with a bang. Welcome emails are a lot like online dating — your subscribers signed up for your list because they were attracted to your profile (your post-click landing page and sign up form). However, it doesn’t have to be that boring. Awesome post Syed!! I am glad I read your article and look forward to receiving more like it. You probably just didn’t pay much attention because you were focused on the content. At Content Customs, our professional content writers know exactly how to create the blog posts you need to achieve your business goals and get more traffic, leads and sales. In the example post, linked above, I first explain the mistake then explain what to do instead, for each mistake on the list. How to Register a Domain Name (+ simple tip to get it for FREE), 6 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Compared, 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies Compared, How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar (Comparison), 7 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses (Compared), 5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins (Compared), How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform (Compared), How to Choose the Best Website Builder (Compared), 6 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business, 12 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business Compared, Revealed: Why Building an Email List is so Important Today (6 Reasons). Saving money and being frugal with your wages is extremely popular as people have less and less money these days after paying rent, mortgage, bills etc. For example, take a look at the featured snippet for “what is guest blogging”: If we were writing an expanded definition post about this topic, we’d want to include “post” and “guest posting” in our definition because they’re bolded in the current snippet. This guest post is by Ali Luke of Aliventures. If readers will find it hard to follow the ins and outs of your post without first understanding a thing or concept, then this is probably the best format. They can just skim the contents and jump straight to the tip that interests them. The conclusion:ends the post decisively and calls the reader to take action. The best way to figure this out is to look at what currently ranks. Use a H2 subheading for each question. I’m sure you have read plenty of list posts. You’ll sometimes see a mix of formats in the results and will have to use your best judgment. Then, drop a relevant and high-value call-to-action into your content. Also make sure you’re following me on Twitter because I share tons of awesome resources there. Online shoppers have countless options, and they know it. [Expanded Acronym] Explained, What is [Concept]? Your priority is to write a good definition above all else. The email looked like this: For that reason, there’s no point in writing a long introduction. 1. Got a mistake that you see others making that I didn’t list? How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website? If you skip steps, then it will leave the reader extremely frustrated. That’s why it’s important to click on at least 4-5 of the results and scan them, make notes, and try to think of ways you can make your article better. There are lots of ways to do this, but one approach that works well for list posts is to give one or two final tips. What will you be doing differently when you plan and structure your next post? It should be written in a way that’s suitable for newbies. Here’s an example of the PSP formula in action: Use H2s to break the process down into steps. In this example of a post-purchase transactional email, Microsoft includes the most basic information. List posts can be short or long, and normally consist of numbered subheadings with anything from a couple of sentences to several paragraphs expanding on each one. It goes into detail about why SERPs are important, how to get in the SERPs, and SERP features. If you’re teaching people how to do something, and that process needs to be done in a specific order, then a step-by-step guide is the solution. If one of the tips on the list doesn’t appeal, the reader can keep scrolling until they see one that piques their interest. David's tea is known for its tasty tea blends and accessories, but you can't deny that the emails are just as great as a marketer. Every list item needs a subheading. Example From: 7 Ways to Get Your Blog Posts Shared On Facebook by Dan Zarella Establish trust in as few words as possible. Plus, you can connect your social networks and email platform (including MailChimp) to keep all your blog post promotion organized. You know your first line needs to keep them reading. Less is more in some cases. Once you have that, you can expand each instruction into it’s own section with more details or simply use your ordered list format. For example, take our beginner’s guide to canonical tags. Let me know in the comments below. #2: Editing the responses that you get. Head of Content @ Ahrefs (or, in plain English, I'm the guy responsible for ensuring that every blog post we publish is EPIC). Here’s a good example of establishing trust from our blog: Adding jump links below this just makes life easier for the reader. How to [Achieve Desired Outcome] (Even If [Common Obstruction]), How to [Achieve Desired Outcome] (Additional Benefit), Step 1: Find keywords that perform okay, but not great, Step 2.