Academic success is also a priority, and all members strive to excel in the classroom. These social organization names come from Latin – frater means brother and soror means sister. Besides a fellowship of brothers and sisters, the Greek community is active in community service and philanthropy. Is Greek Life a big part of student life? Default Timer; Stopwatch? Auburn fraternities participate in summer rush more than most schools. The mission of the Auburn University Interfraternity Council is to govern, to serve, to represent, and to promote, with the highest standard of integrity, its member fraternities. The Auburn Interfraternity Council is committed to protecting the health and safety of our members and potential new members in all circumstances, especially with the concerns surrounding COVID- 19 and recruitment. The University of Alabama has more than 10,000 students involved in Greek life and is known for having the largest sorority recruitment each year. Percentage; 0/47 Timer. 28%. Do students at Auburn University live on or off campus? Niche. Greek organizations are a popular part of college life in schools across the country, but in the south it involves a large percentage of each campus. of students say that Greek life is pretty big. 43%. Greek life is the term used to reference fraternities (typically for men) and sororities (typically for women) at AU and other universities. ... Greek Life. 50%. Explore campus life at Auburn University with reviews on housing, food, athletics, and clubs. Add to List. Miscellaneous Quiz / Auburn Greek Life Random Miscellaneous or University Quiz Can you name the fraternities and sororities at Auburn University? Women in Sororities. Visit School's Website. 198 responses. 64% percent of gay fraternity members report high degrees of satisfaction with their experiences, as do 56% of lesbians — definitely a break from the stereotypes painting Greek life … Find out more at Fraternities are more hesitant to give out bids in the summer, but it’s a great way to ingratiate yourself with smaller groups of brothers and really get to know each other better than the welcome week ragers all Greek … With 20 sororities and 32 fraternities, there is a place for everyone wanting to join Auburn's Greek Life. Greek Life Home The University of Alabama has one of the most active Greek scenes in the country. What are the campus surroundings like? Back to Full Profile. A summary of the latest discussion, fraternity ratings, and sorority ratings for Auburn University - AU Men in Fraternities.
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